Bridal Shower Bingo {Free Printables}

As promised, here are a few versions of the bridal shower bingo boards I made, in preparation for my sister in-laws bridal shower in two weeks! 

The rules for Bridal Shower Bingo are simple. As the guests come in with their gifts, you place a numbered sticker on the gift. Then pass out the boards & have the guests randomly fill in the spaces, using the range of numbers you used on the gifts. For example: If 28 gifts come in, you have the guests scramble numbers 1-28 on their board. And yes, some numbers could be left off then. Then when passing the gifts to the bride, call out the number before opening. If someone gets a line (diagonal, horizontal or vertical straight line) then they get a prize. 

I'll be doing a total of 3 prizes, & being sure to tell people that once they get a bingo, they're out of the game. (I've heard of some issues if you don't mention this!)

Another way I've heard of it being played, is that every guest writes in what gifts they think the bride will receive. Then when the bride is opening her gifts, the guests cross off the ones that she received.

Feel free to click the links below, print the board you like & choose whichever way you want to play! 
All files should fill a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.


Hope you like these as much as I do! They aren't perfect by any means, but I love them! Enjoy! = )


Jess said...

I really like that game, I may have to use it if anymore of my friends get married. Clever!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

sending this over to one of my bridesmaids now. thanks ANDREA :)


uclagal said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks so much! So nice not to have to pay to print them. :)

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Barbie Chiu said...

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